A Powerful Platform for Advance
Trading and Analysis

 If you’re seeking a platform that combines advanced trading, comprehensive charting and technical analysis tools, automated trading strategies, and copy trading services, then look no further than cTrader.


As a top-tier multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platform, cTrader grants you access to global markets with fast execution, tight spreads, and level II pricing. Its visually appealing user interface is seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge backend technology, ensuring a superior trading experience across multiple devices.

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cTrader is available for desktop (Windows), web and mobile (Android and iOS) devices.

Why choose cTrader?

cTrader Pros...

User-friendly interface combined with the premium charting and manual trading tools, advanced order types, level II pricing and ultra-fast order entry and execution.

Automate your trading strategies using cTrader Automate - a native algorithmic trading feature that allows you to develop, test and optimize your robots and custom indicators within the platform

Use advanced order types such as market range orders, stop limit orders, OCO orders and trailing stop orders to manage your risk and entry points.

Trade over 1000+ assets including forex, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies with Kwakol Markets’ competitive pricing and execution.

Analyze the market with over 70 pre-installed indicators, 54 timeframes and multiple chart types. You can also create your own custom indicators using cTrader’s modern C# API.

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